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Faculty of Economic, Development and Business Sciences: Teaching Support

University of Mpumalanga Library and Information Services

Teaching & Learning

The library offers library training and instruction to students and staff. The type of training and instruction include: Information Literacy Programme named Assignment Buster and Research Buster, Database and Reference Management Training.

Databases Training

The library subscribed to a multidisciplinary and subject specific database named EBSCOhost. It is a powerful online research platform offers a variety of databases from leading information providers and offers full text articles. Articles and book chapters from this database are accessible through the library discovery tool called PRIMO.

Librarians will offer one on one database training to both staff and students on appointment.

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To access UMP eBooks, Click on ProQuest

The video below train users on how to search for a book on ProQuest eBook Central.

5 Components of Information Literacy

Information Literacy Programme

Information Literacy is a set of skills that enable students to recognize when to plan their academic projects, how to analyze the assignment question or topic, how to draft assignment/research outline, how to find, organize and evaluate information effectively, how to read and write and how to edit and proof read the academic work before the final submission.

Aim of the program

Is to ensure the adoption of Information Literacy by equipping students with the set of integrated abilities encompassing the reflective discovery of information, understanding of how information is produced, valued and the use of information in creating new knowledge and participating ethically in communities of learning (ACRL, 2015).


Goals of the Program
  • Effectively teach information literacy skills to students and assess student learning.
  • Collaborate with faculty and departments to integrate information literacy objectives into their courses and assignments.
  • Increase awareness of information literacy at the University through outreach.
  • Develop and enhance resources that support and teach information literacy skills such as guides, PowerPoint slides and videos

How we do it

Faculty Librarians will work closely with Academics and students to teach the program and offer support in a variety of ways:

  • Providing information literacy sessions to classes.
  • Effectively collaborating with Academics.
  • Assessing students learning outcomes and engage in a cycle of continuous improvement.

How faculty can support Information Literacy

  • Schedule a library instruction session when students are at the point of need e.g. after receiving an assignment or research project.
  • Work with the Faculty Librarian to tailor the session to the needs of the class.
  • Collaborate with the Faculty Librarian to incorporate Information Literacy elements into assignments and activities.
  • Encourage students to request additional assistance by making an appointment with the Faculty Librarian.
  • Assign the session time and direct students to attend.

Turnitin Training

Turnitin is a software to detect plagiarism. It promotes quality academic writing and helps users to prevent plagiarism. Users can generate plagiarism similarity report and rework on their papers/ assignment before the final submission.

Plagiarism Policy

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Ext no: 0344


Ext no: 0279

Reference Management Training

The library offer reference management training to both staff and students on request. Before you get started, you should download, install and be familiar with the following:

Mendeley Desktop: It is the downloaded part of the software installed onto your computer.

Mendeley Web Importer: This is the Mendeley website where you can access the web version of your library, edit your profile and search Researchers' publications, follow and collaborate with researchers in your field. The browser extension lets you quickly add references to your library from anywhere on the web.

Citation Plugin: A plugin allows you to create and format your citations and bibliography according to your chosen style on Microsoft Word.

For any help contact


Ext no: 0279

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