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The School equips student teachers with the knowledge, skills and applied competencies for employability and further specialized study, in support of the principles of life-long learning.

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Recommended Education Related Books

Title: An introduction to language.

Author: Fromkin, Victoria.; Rodman, Robert.; Hyams, Nina M.

Shelve Number: 410 FRO

Title: Challenges of teacher development: an investigation of take-up in South Africa.

Author: Adler, Jill.; Reed, Yvonne.

Shelve Number: 370.711 CHA






Title: Child development in practice: responsive teaching and learning from birth to five.

Author: May, Pamela.

Shelve Number: 372.21 MAY

Title: Early childhood mathematics education research: learning trajectories for young children.

Author: Sarama, Julie., author.; Clements, Douglas H.

Shelve Number: 372.7019 SAR

Title: Effective teaching: evidence and practice.

Author: Muijs, Daniel.; Reynolds, David.

Shelve Number: 371.102 MUI

Title: Emotional intelligence in the classroom: the secret of happy teachers.

Author: Coetzee, Melinde.; Jansen, Cecelia Aletha.

Shelve Number: 370.153 COE

Title: Grammar for English language teachers.

Author: Parrott, Martin.

Shelve Number: 428.2071 PAR

Title: Inclusion in the early years.

Author: Nutbrown, Cathy.; Clough, Peter, 1949-; Atherton, Frances.

Shelve Number: 371.9046 NUT

Title: Issues in mathematics teaching.

Author: Gates, Peter.

Shelve Number: 510.71 ISS

Title: Key concepts in childhood studies.

Author: James, Allison.; James, Adrian L.

Shelve Number: 305.23 JAM

Title: Learn 2 teach: English language teaching in a multilingual context.

Author: Van der Walt, C.; Kilfoil, W. R., Evans, R. 

Shelve Number: 420.71268 VAND

Title: Learning theories simplified.

Author: Bates, Bob.

Shelve Number: 370.1 BAT


Title: Literacy teaching and education.

Author: Wyse, Dominic.

Shelve Number: 302.244 LIT

Title: Children's Literacy Development.

Author: McBride-Chang, Catherine.

Shelve Number: 302.244 MACB

Title: Personalisation and learning disabilities: a handbook.

Author: Tyson, Andrew.

Shelve Number: 362.38 PER

Title: Preventing reading difficulties in young children: intellectual property in the information age.

Author: Snow, Catherine E.; Burns, M. Susan.; Griffin, Peg.

Shelve Number: 372.4 PRE

Title: Raising self-esteem in primary schools: a whole school training programme.

Author: Collins, Margaret.

Shelve Number: 372.0114 COL

Title: Research methods in education.

Author: Cohen, Louis.; Manion, Lawrence.; Morrison, Keith.

Shelve Number: 372.07 COH

Title: Teach them all to read: catching kids before they fall through the cracks.

Author: McEwan-Adkins, Elaine K.

Shelve Number: 372.4 MACE

Title: Teaching language and literacy: preschool through the elementary grades.

Author: Christie, James F.

Shelve Number: 372.6 CHR

Title: Grammar: a student guide.

Author: Hurford, James R.

Shelve Number: 428.2 HUR

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