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University of Mpumalanga Library and Information Services: About UMP Library

The History of the University of Mpumalanga Library

Library History

The UMP Library and Information Services (LIS) was established in 2014 from a one room library with only one staff member, to a state-of-the-art library that currently has a total staff complement of 14 members based at both the Mbombela and Siyabuswa Campuses. The library showcases a distinctive architectural character with state of the art furnishings. It is a fully modernised resource that is equipped to meet students’ needs and the demands of a 21st century academic library. Entering through the spectacular new entrance, users can enjoy the library's courtyard for social gathering and comfortable outdoor seating.

The library is thus a socially interactive space that strikes a balance between quiet, collaborative, virtual, research and communal spaces, with Wi-Fi connectivity and lots of daylight inside the building. The interior has been designed in a very attractive way, with artwork that reflects the university’s history and local context, which creates a welcoming ambience. Its new magnificent ambience is an added attraction for students and the rest of the university community. The UMP library offers superior facilities and services for all users, including those who are physically challenged or have special needs and ensures they have easy access to all resources. The facilities will endeavour to deliver the state of the art technology for improved access to global wealth of information, knowledge, and research.

The library ensures its relevance and responsiveness to the university’s objectives of teaching, learning, research and community engagement, all in the midst of rapid changes in technology in higher education. It has grown its collection and service offering progressively over the last few years, an evolution that has been relative to the increased number of students and staff within the university. Extending the university’s online visibility through social media and the setting up of the Library Management System has enabled our users to have an opportunity to access services beyond the boundaries of the physical library and to interact with librarians at the click of a button. The library aims to grow its online collection and to ensure its relevance in supporting teaching, learning and research. It will continue to grow and offer rich and relevant content that is significant and of high value.

To be an African University library leading in the provision of efficient information services through innovation.

To offer high quality library and information services that support and enrich teaching and learning, research and scholarship, and engagement, in collaboration with strategic partners.

  • Excellence: uphold the highest standards of excellence in all its actions, functions and services.

  • Integrity: undeviating honesty, by utmost fairness, caring for one another as fellow human beings, and treating one another with the utmost respect.

  • Diversity: unlocking a range of interactions, and enhancing exposure to a wide variety of diverse cultures, backgrounds, views and opinions.

  • Collaboration: actively seek out opportunities for collaboration with all its stakeholders in maximizing the development of human potential and socio-economic development.

  • Adaptability: acknowledging our ever changing knowledge contexts, institutional environments, and social situations and therefore the need to promote and foster adaptability.

  • Relevance: endorses the need for its academic programmes, research activities, and engagement projects to respond to its context